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48 Replies to “sex friendship”

  1. kylemorris98 says:

    This is why the U.S. is going to be nuked

  2. tmatassa says:

    Can't get enough of this vid...

  3. Mazda2004 says:

    white cocks are good as well

  4. Strafe says:

    wow, those girls are hot, I wouldn't need any viagra for that

  5. Petrotan says:

    it really feels good

  6. spyjoe says:

    This shit is weird. I feel weird watching it. I have no sisters and I've never had a step sister. I don't think I'd do it. She is pretty hot. Little too skinny. overall she's meh. There are so many skinny women in porn. Me personally I don't like fucking a stick. She's gotta have a little something.

  7. ConsultD2 says:

    Any one want to punish me

  8. Yogesh says:

    Nip Slip at 1:18-11:58

  9. mustak251 says:

    Coffee os getting cold! Ha. Ha. Id give up a bucket or two pf coffee to fuck her!!!!!

  10. jurek4102 says:

    Oh, and one more thing...if I were fucking a beautiful, bountiful set of tits like that, there would be absolute no need to jerk myself off. She could have helped out by cradling those magnificent melons around his cock but she was too busy with her fake moaning. Loved it though...I will watch more of her anytime, anyplace.

  11. queenie77 says:

    it can't be true , Lucy is my goddes, you fake fuck

  12. tanyabennett says:


  13. Yas says:

    I needed Viagra for my limp dick but watching this video just made it skyrocket

  14. g4pilut says:

    Anyone know the name of the blonde guy? So damn hot...

  15. g4pilut says:

    OMG, both are gorgeous. The pussy on that bottom is pure gold. The top is flat out gorgeous model material with a huge cock.

  16. milosp says:

    Move over, Joe Gage! This is uber-erotic dad-son roleplay. Beautifully done and the "real" dad-son action is so much hotter than the "stepson" scenario for me. It's great to see the correct age difference, too: The son actually looks like he could be dad's son. Would love to see this producer get creative and add brothers and uncles to the scenes for hot three-ways. More more more, please.

  17. Emmy05 says:

    road trip !

  18. itaiwilly says:

    Same thing Chipt said... If that is supposed to be tiny, then I have Mandingo's dong!

  19. Rohde says:

    Hot af

  20. BobJohnson says:

    You are truly amazing!

  21. collie says:

    closest to a massage like that is in Prague they have tantric massages...for men or women meanwhile the add I have for tinder sex is so distracting its the hugest ass Ive ever seem in a fishnet bodysuit

  22. web-ramzez says:

    I love the way he made her cum so hard... I need someone who can do that!

  23. Clearfield says:

    I have to go to brazil

  24. jimopg says:

    I don't know anything about bras, but hers looks like it's from the future.

  25. maxlee says:

    He'll fuck u back

  26. CommissarMega says:

    How the fuck did she get so popular from this single shitty video?

  27. Vojin says:


  28. beatrizjodon says:

    Yank my prick, you cunt...

  29. lewan199 says:

    Great job. I love your teasing style and the way you act when you're drunk. Please do another drunk vid

  30. JRobyn says:

    Reminds me of my mother in law .. I want to pipe her so bad

  31. travip351 says:

    I see. I was kind of thinking that may have been how that sort of thing happens.

  32. PhillySafc says:

    Babes in glasses are so hot!

  33. rafaelwomanizer says:

    If I could be Jada Fire, I'd be a lesbian, through and through.. Then, I'd fall in love, and 'marry' a butch lesbian..

  34. Primemover says:

    this guy a virgin

  35. JamesSoldner says:

    Yeah! Nice girl!

  36. KingMadara says:

    Like sure I get it's scripted, but it's supposed to be somewhat real right?

  37. Lacasaderio says:

    Oh. My. God. O.O

  38. DrInfoman says:


  39. Izabella13 says:

    Share what you thinkHave a great Holiday! Enjoy.

  40. cakejen says:

    "one please" NO FUCKING SHIT what the fuck man, were you about to invite your gf over to watch?

  41. Rickonskype says:

    You are literally perfect

  42. HxCRobb says:

    When Riley is your role model

  43. endeliz says:

    awesome video

  44. xn says:

    I'm your dreams

  45. graemerunci says:


  46. jonesy9174 says:

    how dare she forget the mustard!!!

  47. endochair says:

    she kinda looks like a who from grinch

  48. Elaine says:

    More porn like this plz I want more of it just slipped in

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