Sortudas Com Vários Machos No Motel, e o De Cueca Preta é Gostoso Demais!

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37 Replies to “Sortudas Com Vários Machos No Motel, e o De Cueca Preta é Gostoso Demais!”

  1. zarat says:


  2. leelee2014 says:

    she sucks cock good

  3. Buzzard1991 says:

    I'm afraid he might be right my friend... This IS a functioning post-op trans-vaginal TS... Sorry Ya'll. There is NO clitoral hood, & if you pay attention or know anything about a woman's body, with the way "she's" moaning, for "her" to be so aroused, the clitoris isn't even hard. It should be "peeking" out of the hood. Speaking of which, if you listen, the moaning sounds a bit "rough"... just like tranny's. A real girl's moan would be much softer, thinner, & feminine...

  4. Elaine says:

    smh at least im not the only one lol

  5. Jess_Blalock says:

    I'd spank dat.

  6. Elaine says:


  7. Joe10112 says:

    some love for jesus christ

  8. royboyfromtoot says:

    her ass is amazing wow

  9. Juxtaburn says:

    Sorry Bruce but you was pushing rope homie.

  10. POKDUB says:

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  11. a_schmitt_ohren says:

    You look fun. I always cumm inside.

  12. jclh says:

    Looks like Miley in the face but no great tits tho ; )

  13. mike169 says:

    Do you take it up the arse love?

  14. marcusrittmeyer says:

    The way she says "I am imagining a black guy touching my hass". French girls are amazing.

  15. duuhec says:

    one of the most sensually stimulating videos out there....

  16. MissDGAF says:

    who is the girl so hot asshole

  17. gilbertah says:

    damn who is the brunette-reddish hair chick in the jean booty shorts

  18. n3333k says:

    super saturado el video por que todos venimos de YouTube

  19. kublikhan2013 says:

    Anyone try out the Gears 4 beta yet?

  20. annafinn says:

    eh.........just not feeling it! like it better when ther just ah sex tape out ther and u find out.!

  21. JImkey says:

    That was so fucking hot. I love the way she counter-clockwise worked her hips when he came inside her. Her accent, face, style and body are top notch. Alessa Savage is a perfect 10/10.

  22. Letsgowalking says:

    "This ist just really natural wonderfull sex. Common Dude! It is being shot. They are acting obviously. It is again a hardcore movie made to release your cum. For God's sake, cant you guys differentiate between fantasy and reality?

  23. Glider47 says:

    Happy ending

  24. mladentalajic says:

    OMG! Tyler is so... fantastic! mmmmmm

  25. usXer says:

    belle video ! j'adorerais avoir ce genre de pratique

  26. AaronGold says:

    my daughter's mom used to wear bikinis like that and has the same type body except shes shorter. love a thick girl in a tiny bikini. wish more girls were that confident.

  27. drnduli says:

    I need a fwb I can eat like a buffet...but Ive never ate less than two hours unless she tapout

  28. wizpip says:

    What an incredible woman! A true goddess

  29. NormanM says:

    Old but gold.

  30. CSP1229 says:

    nasty lookin tits

  31. nanaosawa says:

    oh wow lexi is fuck hot

  32. esg_04 says:

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  33. optlprojects says:

    I came in an instant watching this. HOT!

  34. QuaiR says:

    She is one of my favorite newcomers

  35. xStarchildex says:

    AKA You r***d her.

  36. Motrcolt says:

    Absolutely love that girl. Would love to meet her

  37. Mordachai says:

    Damn, I'd give anything to have you suck my dick

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