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Juelz Ventura


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Juelz Ventura

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23 Replies to “Juelz Ventura Live Masturbate Chat”

  1. davidolivari says:

    Jenna reminds me of someone I use to work with and have a crush on.  Seeing Jenna nude helps complete the picture for me.

  2. dcrsuperhero says:

    Like what??

  3. delythd says:

    Love Kimmy but hate spiders

  4. RolandvonH says:

    very hot

  5. ella_06 says:

    OMG girl on the bottem is fucking annoying...love the vid way to rock that dildo girl ;D

  6. craneman1947 says:

    When cap says.. hulk smash!

  7. Flounder says:

    so hot !!!

  8. dpotter73 says:

    6:22 what a perfect woman?

  9. ArsenyM says:

    I love love love this!

  10. Bonchuang says:

    chacahii on kik

  11. see_jessica says:

    Exactly! LOL

  12. Reidrum says:

    Reported for nudity get this off this Christian website I'm so disgusted

  13. ken.catlin says:


  14. thomasc says:

    imagine the ecsatcy while ur licking LISA ANN's pussy ...

  15. promisedtome says:

    Autoerotic asphyxia***n seems like the way to go

  16. krissym5319 says:


  17. geordieland says:


  18. matherman43 says:

    chessie kay

  19. marketvu says:

    Great vid! Very sexy!

  20. g4pilut says:

    That guy's all like "put your fucking hand down! This is a porno!"

  21. pewter8 says:

    love it!!! wish i could wear something like that when i workout with my trainer...but he would go out of his mind, definitely would have his hands all over my as...damn, i love it all...

  22. dlukin says:

    I would give my right fucking arm and leg to be able to have my brains fucked out by him! Take me to dark side!

  23. les66 says:

    She looks amazing with the extra weight, that's nearly a cup or two bigger than her first videos.

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