Guy forces Anal on Girlfriend. She cries.. Painal

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39 Replies to “Guy forces Anal on Girlfriend. She cries.. Painal”

  1. mfamafia says:

    The ending made me laugh a bit

  2. WilliamNim says:

    That's cause your a virgin

  3. billgod says:


  4. yanleng88 says:

    She so cold

  5. webpanther says:

    Nice twerking!

  6. talkremix says:

    Fuck, she's amazing. I hope there's more video of her oral creampie.

  7. gabriyelogy says:


  8. AlexanderDakis says:

    who is that girl?

  9. keropyonpyon says:

    "Like You've never seen", cause... she has tattoos?! Rly? Have u seen what Muslims do to goats? More "untypical" than this Sad desc., even worse clip.IKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN

  10. ashwinsinh says:

    Hell no..... little cyber slut cum dumpster....respect yourself for god sakes

  11. SC-Sully says:

    I guess don't feel like men if the female isn't in pain..

  12. Zarifov says:

    Perfection is a big clit on a tight pussy with long labia lips, half inch clit and erect nipples. That's a creampie dream come true!

  13. Elaine says:

    Is she chocking on his pee? hehehehe

  14. pingpole says:

    good vid at the end it looks like she is close to havin an anal rose which would have been real pretty!!!!! good hard anal followed by the rose is fuckin hot....pussy wet and dripping from it.....always!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. olivia_jap says:

    Viola Bailey. Check the comments, dude.

  16. smithfam3 says:

    I could've eaten that laserpointer

  17. Osito19577 says:

    i wish i had a sister

  18. jonny10 says:


  19. Elaine says:

    Eres una maquina estela escrihuela hernandez..... no sabia esta faceta tuya vives aun en tavernes de la valldigna?

  20. sharpwitz says:

    mmm fuck this bitch

  21. Yuidiotic says:

    Question who her wish that they were a girl

  22. kamcknig says:

    Add me on here I made a bet with my friend that I would get more friends than him

  23. robinmarkiewicz says:

    mmmm ain't nothing better than been tied up and getting fucked I wanna be taught a lesson

  24. Ianthomson2009 says:

    as good as it gets!

  25. geoff says:

    mmmmmmmmm had a teacher like her when I was in school

  26. Jenjen says:

    it'll be great if they do a threesome with another guy

  27. cybersuezee says:

    Im just here to give my wifes pics and vids and details out to a bunch of guys in hopes one day i can recieve texts all day about how they fucked her while i was at work

  28. lizzytish says:

    This right hear is a fucking masterpiece! Like all other porn is shit compared to this. When you have a dude with a porno stash fucking a chick to 80's porn music, you know it's fucking perfection. The only thing this video needs is a good fucking story line and plot. Like why is he there? Maybe to fix her sink? That would make a good fucking porno. Why can't porn be cool nowadays? But serious, get a fucking plot and story line together.

  29. lona.qevani says:

    Well I definitely got off to the chick with all the flies flying around....... she must be the shit

  30. enieni80 says:

    I just want free V bucks

  31. salemali56 says:

    This video reminds me of the time my sexy white girlfriend was fucking me before my black husband walked in and fucked both of us very well.

  32. fantacy says:

    She goes by the name "African Flower", she's german I believe

  33. chaq686 says:

    I am glad that you like my editing approach on this, Gemcutter here, I manage the channel and edit the videos.

  34. Danny2360 says:

    shirts are crazy, your body goes in one hole and comes out of 3

  35. Superare09 says:

    This guy's accent is such a turn off.

  36. catzrul2002 says:

    Winter is coming

  37. deaninsf says:


  38. ahmed.alharthy says:

    I enjoy a vocal man.

  39. davidjohnmcderm says:

    She is sooo hot lol

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