Melissa Andrade gets fucked anally and facialized

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14 Replies to “Melissa Andrade gets fucked anally and facialized”

  1. Fabio_lelli says:

    Need a woman like this that'll ride her dildo in her ass while I tongue her pussy.

  2. santh says:

    Edges? Never heard that one before o.o

  3. pavelperlik says:

    I wish I had a step mom like this

  4. nirzaranz says:

    Now that is hot all I want now is your lips around my cock and my wife said if I get it and she watched she would let me fuck her ass hole for a month as she really does not like anal but she would give it to me

  5. Mart says:

    I love this girl. She's awesome.

  6. Patticake says:

    10:05 is jennatrapxxx, right?

  7. h30 says:

    Whow!!! brandi and kimberly together. Neat

  8. ollielau says:


  9. dianebrown says:

    What is her name and where can I see more of her?

  10. mblack1993 says:

    Since every other comment is someone asking for an ID on Zoey Kush (2:30 and 10:50) . Here's a link to another 18 minute video I did solely on her. Vote this comment up to the top so people will stop asking about her lol.

  11. sunflowerlady says:

    ....if you'd put your phone down you'd know that -Jennifer Lawrence

  12. mfamafia says:

    keep cumin bk 2 this vid, love it!

  13. qwifty says:

    I looooooove watching black gay men fuck!

  14. DHS1 says:

    Watch how I do that in my video!

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